Sustainable Transport Holdings

The primary organisation for my transport campaigning.

Sustainable Transport Holdings is the primary organisation for my transport campaigning operations, leading proposals such as South Northants Link and Tarka Line extension campaign. Sustainable Transport Holdings was formed in January of 2021, merging together Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire and Sustainable Transport Outer Midlands to create one primary organisation, and also renaming the latter to Sustainable Transport Outer Regions.

During this change, Sustainable Transport Holdings and it's secondary organisations also got a rebranding, to fit in with the modern world. (note: I did not design the new brands logo)

You can find out more about the rebrand here.

As well as this, a new organisation called Transport for South Midlands was formed. Aiming to create a new consortium/group of local councils, including parish, town, district, county, unitary and combined authorities, and local stakeholders and large businesses.